Frances Smith: Creating Elegance in Clay. Discover hand-crafted, functional vessels blending artistry and utility to enhance modern home decor with unique, thoughtful designs. Each piece, a testament to the beauty of functional art, infuses daily life with beauty and elegance.


My artistic journey is deeply rooted in the elegance of functional porcelain ware.

I explore two main avenues: using porcelain as a canvas for intricate illustrations, and appreciating its inherent beauty through minimalistic glaze applications.

These approaches avoid artistic excess, highlighting the material’s natural allure.

Clay, amongst all mediums I’ve explored, presents unique challenges and rewards.

It transforms from a seemingly mundane substance into an expression of enduring beauty and functionality, reflecting a creative evolution through each stage of its metamorphosis.


See an exciting gallery of Fran’s recent works in a variety of styles.

The artworks illustrate Fran’s mastery of various ceramic techniques, from throwing to illustration.

The works range from purely functional artworks to gallery pieces.
There are several award-winning vessels.


Current works by Frances Smith are available for purchase in this online store. We will dispatch them to you by Australia Post.

Works can also be purchased from her studio by appointment.

Precinct Galleries on the NSW South Coast also carry a good range of Frances’ functional vessels and ceramic artworks.